Friday, May 15, 2009

For those who wonder what I'm up to

Fuck if I know. Which is actually a vast improvement over the certainties of a few days back. I've survived what's presumably the most physically and emotionally draining aspects of this week, still need a break but no longer feel broken. And I subjected a couple of different friends to short self-centered monologues last night, for which I forgive myself (that's one of the things friends are for and I'm self-centered anyway, nothing to brag about but last night was not the time to deal with it.)

So I rambled a bit, kind of like this, couldn't always come up with the word I wanted but by and large was just a tired version of me. And friends don't seem to mind this sort of thing. Maybe I should get some of that self-esteem stuff and stop being surprised when people like me.


Allison Landa said...

Rob, the word is not "subjected". You shared something of yourself with us. That's called friendship and trust. I look forward to more.

robp said...

Subjected, shared - I'm just more comfortable on the receiving end. And of course I'm philosophically opposed to comfort (it's not good for productivity), but I do like it for myself.

Trust? Friendship? Don't go messin with my cynical detachment now.

Sean Craven said...

Dude, I'm afraid I missed your self-centered diatribes.

I was too busy planning my own.

robp said...

More a case of disjointed than diatribe, Sean. And I figure I'm on safe turf anyway; I have far more sympathy for the problems of others than I have for my own (I care about my own, I just feel guilty about having them). So maybe it's just considered conversation. Yesterday I was actually feeling relieved but I'm also pretty sure I wasn't always quite saying what I intended. Ah well, I didn't talk much with anyone I won't be talking to again.