Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Of Course, He Wants To Give Them Happy Endings

Nathan, our 17 year old, just asked me if I knew where The House of the Scorpion (an excellent young adult novel) was. I was busy, said no, looked for it a few minutes later without success. I asked Nate if he'd found it. He was lying on his bed, reading, didn't hear me at first. Then he looked up quickly and said, "No, I'm reading A Clockwork Orange."

This is the same kid who's read Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian and The Road more times than I have.

We do get some things write.


Sean Craven said...

I've had a reviewer's copy of The House Of The Scorpion since it was released and never got around to reading it...

Just pulled it off the shelf. Guess I'll have to give it a try -- I liked The Ear, The Eye, And The Arm.

robp said...

Loved that book. Evil drug lord and cloning. What more could a child want?