Monday, August 4, 2008


I can't put into words the sheer perfection of Elvis Presley's rockabilly. Rockabilly, among the many forms of music I love, is way up there in terms of visceral response. When the emotional and physical coincide. I know the work of the other Sun artists and more obscure rockabilly studs. I own a lot of music, I continue to seek a lot of music. I don't think rock has ever had another singer as good as Elvis Presley.

Which is sort of what came up eventually in the paragraph below, which I copied from a response I made to a post on Mog:

cali had a post, here or multiply i don't remember, where she was talking about the soundtrack to the first shrek movie, which contained rufus wainwright's version of leonard cohen's hallelujah, despite the fact that it was john cale's version that graced the film (and i ain't kidding when i say graced - that song's been covered something like 100 times and i've heard a handful, but the other 95ish don't matter - cale does the definitive version, it can't be touched, as a cover it rates with cale's version of heartbreak hotel as one of the most stunning interpretations EVER, except in this case cale does the song pretty close to the original, just better. whereas heartbreak hotel, much as i love cale's version - well, ain't fucking nothing better than elvis doing heartbreak hotel.)