Saturday, July 11, 2009

How To Feed The Child Molesters

To each other, of course.

So, my new thought is, we catch all the pedophiles, don't feed them for a few days, and give them pictures of each other both as adults and as children then truck them all into an outdoor stadium and leave them a few days without supervision. Just armed security outside so no one slips out for more easily purchased meat.

Eat up, boys. Afterward, the janitors would receive combat pay.


Sean Craven said...

I dunno. Given my own blessedly limited experience and knowledge of this behavior, I just don't see active predation directed against anything that might be even vaguely threatening.

I do like the image of them slowly whining themselves to death, looking around at each other -- "Why aren't they helping ME? Don't they care about ME?"

That might be my new curse -- "I hope that son of a bitch whines himself to death."

jenniferpkelly said...

i don't know, rob, seems like there are an awful lot of people on the child molester list who kissed a 14-year-old when they were 17 or some such nonsense, not to mention all the ones who didn't do it, but never mind, accusation is all you need in these cases, no proof is necessary. We believe the children every time, and conveniently forget that the children believe in santa and the easter bunny and will tell you anything you want to hear for another oreo cookie.

So, yeah, if you've got some sort of actual system to make sure the people you're punishing are guilty, maybe. Otherwise, due's the only thing that keeps us all out of the meat grinder.